Safer Streets and Playgrounds

It is critically important that we all feel safe in our neighbourhood and that we have safe places to play, exercise and relax at nearby. There are many aspects to making this happen and in terms of Council, Kellie wants to see:

  • improvements to parking and traffic flows around local schools, including making sure there’s appropriate kiss and drop areas and other mechanisms (like marked car spaces), so we can safely take our kids to school;
  • more shade at playgrounds to provide sun safe play spaces in summer (with at least one fully shaded playground per area)
  • more fenced, inclusive playgrounds strategically available in different parts of the City of Parramatta so families with little children, multiple children and children of different abilities can safely play;
  • improvements to lighting at key parks and walking/ cycling routes; and
  • greater promotion to residents of how to report unsafe footpaths and roads – encouraging everyone to help keep their local streets safe.