Why Kellie is Running to be a Councillor?

Kellie strongly believes Council can do better by our community, particularly families. At the heart of the issue is the fact that even though families make the most use of Council services, their concerns and voices are not represented enough on Council. What is needed is a strong champion for families with a seat at the table directly influencing Council decisions!

When Kellie co-founded ParraParents, she thought there was an information gap between all the facilities and activities Council provided and what the community was aware of. Now while this was true, ParraParents was in large part quickly able to fill that gap. What then became apparent was the greater, more important, gap between what the community wants and what Council is providing.

Over the years, a number of people have suggested to Kellie that she should become a Councillor. But with very little experience of politics, Kellie was hesitant. Instead she continued to try and work the system from the outside and has been able to bring about some positive change, with a number of notable wins for families and the community over the last few years. But these one-off ‘wins’ started to feel like she was just tweaking at the edges. The reality is most of the time community input is only sought at the end of the process, after so much time and effort has already been invested by Council.

Kellie has amassed a large amount of knowledge and experience of Council’s facilities and services – there are not too many other people (if any) that have played at every playground, borrowed from every library and attended all the different types of Council events.

But most importantly, Kellie has received a huge amount of community feedback via ParraParents and her other community initiatives over the years. She has also made deep connections within the community. Kellie strongly believes Councillors should be well known within their community, genuinely care and have a proven track record for listening and delivering. All of which she has done for no other reason then to help other families and to make a contribution to her community.

By being a Councillor, Kellie hopes that she can more strategically influence Council’s efforts for the benefit of residents and Council staff.