Less Wasteful, More Economical

What a load of rubbish! We are spending more and more on disposing of our waste/ rubbish each year and with changes to the way our rubbish is disposed of, it’s just not sustainable nor economical to keep going this way. We need to make important, lasting changes as individuals and as a community.

Council is well placed to play an important leadership role in this, as many other Councils are already doing successfully, with the support of recent initiatives by the NSW Government. It starts with providing a much greater level of support to residents to reduce their contribution to landfill, improve rates of recycling and increase the circular economy, including having a community recycling centre and greater education programs.

Council already has a Waste Reduction Strategy but it needs to be prioritised and properly invested in. There are a number of initiatives that Kellie will be championing for Council to continue to provide or implement, including:

  • Greater education programs around reducing waste, tailor for residents living in different types of housing
  • Removing the use of single use plastics at Council events and facilities
  • Improved support for waste reduction initiatives like Share Waste and The Bower
  • Cloth nappy library and increased rebate scheme
  • Toy library
  • Incentives for businesses to reduce their waste and promotion of businesses who setting a great example
  • Rollout of food organics collection scheme