Keeping Residents Informed and Involved

Kellie is determined to make sure residents are kept up to date on Council matters that affect them and are actively involved in shaping those decisions. Plus, that doing better for our whole community is always at the heart of Council’s actions.

Now when you are in the know, there’s an amazing amount of great things that Council is doing… problem is that they aren’t the best at telling people!

For years, Kellie has been advocating for improved communication from Council because it’s frustrating not knowing what’s being done to address issues in our local community. And she regularly sees this frustration played out on social media! Residents who are informed and listened to are much more likely to care for, and be engaged, in their community. Community engagement has also been very tokenistic at times – seriously who is going to read a 200 page annual plan and provide feedback…. except for a handful of people like Kellie! That is not true and meaningfully community engagement.

Thankfully there have been some noticeable improvements of late. Like the Ward Updates that are now sent to all residents, not just with the rates notice.

But there is so much more that can be done so residents don’t ‘feel like mushrooms’. Councillors have a key role in bringing the community into Council and Kellie will work to make sure:

  • Community forums are held regularly where residents can hear from and speak to Councillors and key Council staff
  • There’s an easy to use suggestion form so residents have a way to provide feedback and suggestions outside of a structured, specific community engagement opportunities.
  • Council provides a summary on social media of the key decisions/ outcomes of each Council meeting
  • Council plays a more proactive role in educating the community on a range of topics that directly affect them, such as surviving mozzie season, staying cool in summer, importance of different types of play spaces and reducing waste.