Cleaner Waterways and Parks

No list of things Kellie is focused on would be complete without mention of cleaning up our waterways and parks…. because let’s face it, she’s become a whole lot litter obsessed of late!

But this obsession is driven from wanting our kids to have safe and healthy outdoor spaces to play at and for all of us to have beautiful natural spots to enjoy. Kellie didn’t like her kids playing with litter in playground ‘shops’ – it’s dirty, unhygienic and unsafe – and she doesn’t want that for other families either.

So Kellie has been on a mission ever since, removing over two tonnes of rubbish in the last two years on her own and through community litter clean ups she organises. Kellie has worked closely with Council staff to further understand the issue and look at ways to prevent litter in the first place. She has also served as a community representation to the Parramatta River Catchment Group since 2018, advocating for more coordinated effort to reduce litter in the river.

Kellie doesn’t believe the solution lies in Council investing more money in collecting litter from parks and waterways. Rather what is needed to seriously reduce litter is a Litter Prevention Strategy that takes an integrated, evidence based strategic approach with clear, tangible actions along the litter supply chain, with resident education and engagement at its core. Like having a policy around the type and number of bins at different types of parks and how often they are cleaned.

To reach the goal of making Parramatta River swimmable again, greater focus and funding is required by Council to successfully implement the endorsed Parramatta River Masterplan.