Bringing the Campaign Home

There’s only a few weeks left until Local Council elections! Excitement is definitely building around the fact residents in the Dundas Ward can vote for a true independent and trusted community champion this election… now we just need to make sure as many people as possible know they have this choice!

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered so far… it was wonderful to have 40+ people out letterbox dropping recently. Now we need a bit more of your time and energy to finish our election campaign strongly.

There are four different volunteer opportunities, listed below. Please let us know which ones you are able to help with.

ELECTION DAY - Saturday 4th December

We would like to have volunteers at 10 polling booths on Election Day, Saturday 4th December, across the Dundas Ward. People can vote from 8am to 6pm. Volunteers will wear a Vote 1 Kellie Darley t-shirt and make sure people know to vote Group C to have a trusted community champion elected to Parramatta Council. We will also need people to set up at each booth early in the morning and pack down in the evening.
On election day we cannot hand out election material within a 100m radius of each booth. This means we'll be standing 6m outside the polling centre and chatting to people as they go to vote.
This would involve getting a kit with signs and getting to the booth early in the morning to set up signs as close to the booth entrance as you are allowed. We are required to leave the signs alone from 7am onwards.
We will need people to go take down all the signs from each booth after 7pm.
This can be an interesting experience if you've never seen it before! You will be authorised by Kellie to stay behind at the booth from 6pm to observe the count and report the voting figures back to us as soon as you get them. You can also help by counting a sample of ballots to see where preferences flow.


A large number of people are expected to vote before election day at pre-poll booths that open from Monday 22nd November until Friday 3rd December (closed Sunday) from 9am to 5pm. We need volunteers to set up our signs and also to let people know to vote for Group C to elect Kellie to Council. We will be focusing on two booths: Ermington Community Centre and one in Parramatta CBD. The majority of our volunteers are busy on weekdays so if you are available this is particularly helpful.
Because of COVID-19 precautions we are not allowed to hand out election material within 100m of the polling booth. We will be wearing Vote 1 Kellie Darley t-shirts and chatting to people as they go to enter the polling centre.
Tick both boxes if you are happy to help at either.
Would you be available to set up our signs before 7am or pack down our signs after 7pm?


On top of volunteering on Election Day and at Pre-Poll, we're looking for volunteers to join Kellie at local town centres, cafes and parks as well as letterbox drop her How to Vote flyer.
Since we won't get as many HTVs into voters' hands at the booths, we're going to do another round of letterboxing.
If you're not sure, that's fine, but if you letterboxed last time and you'd like to do more, less or the same, let us know. Alternatively let us know how many hours you'd like to work and we'll try to give you an appropriate amount (although it's hard to get that right).
Kellie will be appearing in public places to talk to residents as much as possible before election day. It's always handy to have 1-2 other people to help out - keeping Kellie company, handing out leaflets to people passing by, setting up the a-frame sign and generally showing we have a strong presence. Please tick which of these you would be available for.
Please let us know what day/ dates you would be available to join Kellie up until 22nd November

Contact details

So we can place you at the most convenient location.

Thank you!

You're invited to a volunteer meet-up on Saturday 13th November at 3pm at Upjohn Park in Rydalmere (near the playground and main carpark). We will contact you to confirm your availability with a specific time and place to help out.