Kellie’s Priorities

Kellie Darley is focused on making our local neighbourhoods more vibrant, safer, healthier and enjoyable so we are all proud to call the City of Parramatta home. She will strive for City of Parramatta Council to become a leader in creating more resilient, sustainable and connected communities.

Now if you’ve been following along on ParraParents for a while, this focus and list of priorities will look familiar. Kellie has consistently advocated for all of this to Council staff, via community engagement opportunities, and directly to Councillors over the last few years, with some notable success. But ultimately, it’s been tweaking at the edges with no meaningful, sustainable change. This is exactly why Kellie is running to become a Councillor – to have a seat at the table so she can directly influence the decisions Council takes, which affect our daily lives.

  1. Network of Complementary Community Spaces
  2. Safer Streets and Playgrounds
  3. Cooler Neighbourhoods
  4. Keeping Residents Informed and Involved
  5. Creating Vibrant Suburbs
  6. Less Wasteful and More Economical
  7. Cleaner Waterways and Parks