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What Kellie Stands for

Kellie Darley is focused on making our local neighbourhoods more vibrant, safer, healthier and enjoyable so we are all proud to call the City of Parramatta home. She will strive […]

Safer Streets and Playgrounds

It is critically important that we all feel safe in our neighbourhood and that we have safe places to play, exercise and relax at nearby. There are many aspects to […]

Keeping Residents Informed and Involved

Kellie is determined to make sure residents are kept up to date on Council matters that affect them and are actively involved in shaping those decisions. Plus, that doing better […]

Action Kellie Will Take
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Kellie Darley

Kellie is co-founder of ParraParents, the very popular and helpful guide for families living, working or playing in the greater Parramatta region. On top of running ParraParents, Kellie leads bushwalks, organises litter clean ups, grows food in community veggie gardens, shares her love of reading by supporting street libraries and supports mums by providing a safe online community, plus cares for her two children.

In recognition of her valuable contribution to the Parramatta community, Kellie was awarded the 2019 City of Parramatta Volunteer of the Year Award (Local Australia Day Awards) and the 2020 Parramatta Woman of the Year (NSW Women of the Year Awards).

Find out more about Kellie in her longer bio, reasons for running as a candidate, what she’s done for the community so far and fun facts.

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Please Give a Little of Your Time

Want to see Kellie Darley elected as a Councillor for the City of Parramatta? Well it’ll take about 6,000 people, living in the Dundas Ward, to vote 1 for Kellie Darley to make this to happen!

It’s a big task but it all starts with an easy step – simply chat with your partner, friends, family and work colleagues about the great work Kellie is already doing for our city and how you’re excited she’s running as a candidate in the 2021 Local Government Elections. Hopefully that’s a few more people voting for Kellie!

Plus, there’s a number of other simple ways you can help – like having a sign in your front yard or window. Please let us know how you can help by completing the volunteer form. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Let Us Know How You Can Help

If You Can Spare Some Change, It’ll Bring About Change

It costs about $10,000 to run a successful campaign for the Local Government Elections. Kellie is contributing $5,000 of her own money and hopes supporters, like you, will also assist with covering the costs of getting her elected so she can better represent family and community interests.

Kellie is doing her best to keep costs as low as possible because there are lots of other ways this money could be spent for good! Any donation will be a great help and is truly appreciated.

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